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Know When to Throw In the Towel 4/6/12

No Gym, No Problem 4/6/12

What Will Make Me Lose More Fat, Weight Training or Cardio? 4/7/12

When the Road Never Seems to End 4/11/12

Stretching – The Truth 4/14/12

Dog Gone It! Our Pets Are Obese!! 4/14/12

D-R. Doesn’t Stand for Dietitian 4/18/12

Repair Your Keen Muscles with Quinoa 4/22/12

Triumph Over The Female Athlete Triad 4/25/12

Misconceptions About Personal Trainers 4/25/12

Show Osteoporosis Who’s Stronger 4/26/12

The Sham Diet 5/8/12

The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 1  5/13/12

The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 2 5/15/12

The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 3 5/17/12

The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 4 5/24/12

The Bare Necessities: From Shoes to Barefoot 6/11/12

Reducing Waist Lines By Limiting Sugary Drinks  6/25/12

Grounded and Not a Gym In Sight 8/6/12

Think Health, Think Wealth 2/13/13

5 Miles or 5 Minutes 3/4/13

Wrong Way? No, Just Different 3/12/13

Listen to the Cookie 5/7/13

A Journey to Renew Mind, Body, Spirit 8/21/13

When to Throw In the Towel 9/7/13

Take a Stand and Live Longer: Why Sitting Too Much Could Be Life Threatening 9/15/13

Sweating It Out 9/25/13

Low T? Not for Mr. T 5/18/14

Dazed and Confused 5/18/14

5 Ways to Train Smarter with Your Smart Phone 5/26/14

Staying Current 8/10/14

Mise-en-place 8/12/14

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