Episode 029: Jacks are Wild

This week’s episode was inspired by the World Championship of Poker, known to many as, the Main Event. Since there are four Jacks in a deck, there are four variations of jumping jacks for today’s workout. Simple, but effective. Each exercise will be done for 52 seconds. I’ll give you a second to guess where that came from. And you’ll do the circuit for 2 rounds. All you’ll need is a mat when we get down on the floor.

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Workout:4 exercises, 52 seconds, 2 rounds
Equipment: Mat

– Jumping Jacks

– Squat Jacks

– Crossover Jacks

– Plank Jacks

Intro/Outro Music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Particle House

Workout Music: “Saturday Night Dance-Off” Artist: The New Fools, “Hunting Down Mr Jackson” Artist: The New Fools, “Gotta Earn It” Artist: Wanda Shakes, “Before I Do, I Don’t” Artist: Glove Box, “Real Stuff” Artist: Marc Torch

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Fitness In No Time
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