Episode 011: How Slow Can You Go

Tempo training can be an effective way to increase intensity without increasing the resistance. We’re going to slow things down today by sweating through a tempo workout. You don’t need heavy weights to get strong. 

Workout: Tempo is a 10 count for each movement up and down. 8 exercises, 2 reps.
Equipment: chair, hand weights, mat (optional) 

– Squat
– Pushup
– Stationary Lunge
– Shoulder Press
– Bent Over Reverse Fly
– Dips
– Biceps Curls
– Crunches

Intro/Outro Music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Particle House
Workout Music: “Tell Me” Artist: Basixx, “Sweat On Me” (Trice Remix) Artist: Tape Machines, “Let Me Drown” Artist: Deanz  

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Fitness In No Time
Fitness In No Time
Doug Sham

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