Episode 007: Push and Pull

Throughout our day, we either perform pushing or pulling activities. Most of the time, we’re doing more of one than the other. Today’s episode focuses on balancing out your muscles by doing both push and pull movements to ensure that one muscle group is as strong as its opposite group.

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Workout: 30 seconds, 1 set
Equipment: hand weights, furniture sliders or paper plate, mat (optional)
– Squats
– Hamstring curl
– Pushups
– Bent Over High Row
– Overhead Press
– Prone Lat Pull
– Glute Press
– Mountain Climbers

Intro/Outro Music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Particle House

Workout Music: “Shut It Down” & “Zanobi” Artist: Catiso,

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Fitness In No Time
Fitness In No Time
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