Episode 003: Posture Perfect

Today’s episode I lead you through exercises that help improve posture and help you stand a little taller and sit a little straighter. As we age, our spine takes a toll as gravity compresses it down towards the ground. We can use our muscles in our back and neck to counter this downward pressure by engaging these muscles and hold our spine in place. You’ll perform 2 sets of 5 exercises.

Go to the following link for a video of this episode’s exercises if they are new to you or you want to check your technique. 

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Workout: 30 seconds, 2 rounds
Equipment: hand weights

– Good Morning
– Bent Over Reverse Fly
– W’s
– Chin Retraction
– Bent Over High Rows

Intro/Outro Music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Particle House
Workout Music: “It’s Game On” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Roof

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Fitness In No Time
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