Episode 002: Move Your Legs

There’s no reason why your legs can’t be moving while you’re at a desk or just standing around at home. In this episode I’ll lead you through a mini circuit for your lower body. You can do this sitting or standing. Just be careful if you start doing this while driving. 

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Workout: 15 seconds each exercise, 2 rounds

Equipment: None

– Step In Place 
– Heel Raises 
– Right Knee Raises 
– Left Knee Raises 
– Out-Out-In-In
– Leg Curl Right 
– Leg Curl Left 
– Toe Lifts 

Intro/Outro Music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental Version) Artist: Particle House

Workout Music: “The Beat Will Set You Free” Artist: Duckmaw

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Fitness In No Time
Fitness In No Time
Doug Sham

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