Episode 001: Breathe

Show Notes

In my debut episode, I take it easy and help you destress during this hectic time and improve your lung strength through deep breathing. You may be thinking, “that’s just ridiculous,” but I’m talking about using the muscles in our upper body to help you get the most out of each breath.

In this episode, I lead you through a breathing exercise to work the muscles that are associated with deep breathing. Deep breathing has been shown to improve different areas of your health as well as strengthen muscles in your core.

For more about today’s episode go to: https://shamrocksfit.com/2020/03/30/breathe-better-using-deep-breathing/

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Intro/Outro music: “A Mistake” (Instrumental) Artist: Particle House

Exercise music: used with permission from http://www.bensound.com “Spread Your Electro Wings”

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