Clean Up Your Ab Work with This Handy Household Item

While staying at home may be a total drag for many; for some, this is an opportune time to work on that six pack. We know it takes time and we currently have a whole lot of it. Before you start heading down to the floor excited to chisel away at that mid-section, head over to your cleaning closet and grab a broom. You may want to use it first to sweep around your mat.

Brush off some bad habits

When performing some of the best abdominal exercises, I have witnessed so many people make common mistakes with their technique. This can result in a waste of time for some or a potential injury for others. Below, I demonstrate how using a simple tool like a broom can improve your technique. Each video explains common mistakes that happen while performing the exercise and how the broomstick corrects them. This will lead to improved muscle recruitment and quicker results.


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The plank is a great overall core exercise. It targets not only the front side of the muscles, but also the muscles of the back, side, upper, and lower body making it an all around top tier exercise . This exercise works the abs isometrically which helps stabilize the body. If you want to show off your abs while standing still, you have to add this to your workout.


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Crunches are a great exercise to start with and progress to performing them with your legs up (as shown). The crunch when done correctly targets the rectus abdominals which is the middle section of the abs, a.k.a. “The six pack”. By keeping the legs up, the lower section also contracts allowing for a more symmetrical contraction. In order to have defined lines of the six pack, this exercise is critical.


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Once you have progressed from crunches, the ab exercise that would replace it would be bicycles. If there were two exercises that people should do anywhere without any equipment, they would be planks and bicycles. Bicycles compliment the planks and exceed crunches because they contract the rectus abdominal, like crunches, but also incorporates the transverse and internal and external obliques. When done correctly, this exercise give a full sweep of the abs.

Abs are part of an underlining whole that must be strong to protect the bones and organs. It is not merely there for aesthetics. Having a well built foundation is critical in maintaining longevity and independence. Don’t be too quick to brush off any notion that ab work shouldn’t be in your daily workout routine.

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