Support the Tick Off Ninja and Lyme Disease Research


I have been training for a shot at American Ninja Warrior. In addition, my wife, Katie, has been recovering since July of 2016 with a relapse of Lyme disease. What you may not know is how Katie has been effected and others who suffer from Lyme disease.

May is National Lyme Awareness month (green is the awareness color). To help spread awareness, and support those battling with Lyme disease, Katie and I have created a fundraising campaign to help researchers find a cure for Chronic Lyme disease which Katie is currently battling.

You can watch our campaign video below. I hope that you will support our efforts by purchasing a shirt and help us reach our goal of at least 50 shirts! Each shirt is $25 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Johns Hopkins Lyme Research Center. The center has conducted various Lyme disease studies including better diagnosis protocols and treatment options. You can learn more about the center at

You can purchase the shirt at

Shirt sizes do run small so I would suggest ordering a size up for both men and women shirts.

Thank you for all your support and please share this with others.

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