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While watering my plants on my patio, I noticed a lot of grit and spiderwebs had accumulated on an old duffle bag that contains a pair of speed skates. Obviously I have not used these skates in a while, and when pausing to remember when the last time I had used them, I realized that it has been over 3 years since I have laced them up. I think a part of me still thinks I’m going to join the Olympics and race like Apollo Ono, hence still holding onto this indispensable item. My wife believes I’m a pack rat and will hold onto any sporting equipment that I acquired since birth which holds some truth when I pull out a ribbon from my junior olympic track and field years. The reality is that I probably will never use them because I will not need to train in that manner anymore. If I want to inline skate, I can use my normal pair of recreational skates that I own and be just fine.

Many of my clients and even those I speak with who ask for fitness advice also believe that they should be exercising the same way that they did ten to twenty years ago. As our life plans change, so should everything else  when it comes to our fitness goals. Think about how much time you have now to commit to your workouts. Can you make the time commitment that you had a year ago? Think about your physical condition. Do you still have the same physically health as you were a year ago? Is your motivation to reach your goal still burning brightly? These are some questions that can change the way you tackle your plan of action. You might have to change the exercises you do because of a current limiting health condition. You may have to think about revising your goal to meet your time challenges.

Those who think they can exercise like they did in the past may be faced with a rude awakening. Exercise with purpose, but train within the current confines of your body. Every day we change a little and we need to notice these changes if we want to succeed in our goals. I have realized that I will never be a speed skate so today, those skates are going to Goodwill.

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