May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

In conjunction with May’s observation of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Bike Week starts today. This week (May 16 -18) commuters are asked to ride two wheels instead of four. Bike to Work day, May 18, is a great way to promote physical activity and  make a statement. Not only would people help advocate the physical wellbeing of someone’s health, but it will also show many environmentalist that we support our world’s health by deciding not to expose harmful gases and pollution into our oxygen that we breathe. To find more about Bike Week, visit League of American Bicyclists.

To show my support, I will be riding my bike to work for the rest of the week. I encourage you to do the same and show your support for physical activity. If you’re a lucky employee or self-employed worker, take some time and dust off that bike for a nice bike ride within the day. Catch some wind, breathe some fresh air, and get your body moving.

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