Dog Gone It! Our Pets Are Obese!!

I posted this on my other blog a few months ago and feel that it’s still relevent and so I want to share it with you all here.

 My wife and I were out strolling around old downtown Venice, FL a few weeks back and she pointed out something that made both our mouths drop. An older couple was walking by us with a stroller and my wife caught a glance at the carry-on. Inside the stroller was not a baby or heavy groceries, but a small dog! REALLY?  Then there was another one! Crossing the street we both saw a similar stroller, with mesh in the front and a roof to block the sun, and inside a little puffy terrier standing on all fours rolled ahead of the couple. This was ludicrous! I mean, come on people! What is wrong with this picture? These animals have legs, more legs than we do (remember why God gave us legs right?), and we’re carting them around! This was totally crazy in my eyes and as a trainer I had to notice that the couples were not daily exercise-goers either.

Then four days ago while at work making our country a little bit healthier one client at a time, I happen to glance up at one of our televisions that is set to CNN. Right in the middle of a screen was a video of a large overweight dog and the caption read “OBESITY EPIDEMIC STRIKES U.S. PETS.” I had to laugh. (You can read about it on CNN: Then I made the connection. Why are 41 million dogs and 47 million cats obese? Because we’re abusing them worse than we abuse ourselves with lack of exercise and too much food! According to the veterinarian on CNN, foods for our pets are higher in calories than the past and we aren’t providing them enough exercise. Get up and move people! Not just yourself, but with your pets too! Our pets, like our children, share similar lifestyles as you do. Why is Brutus turning into Fluffy? Most likely because we don’t have time to exercise ourselves, and so he doesn’t get the exercise either.  That is unacceptable! And so is going for a walk while you push Sparky around in a stroller. Walk your dog, get some exercise and make this country a healthier place for humans and pets. Remember 33% of people and 21% of pets are obese. Help us out!

This woman is the only one smiling. Please don't do this to your pet.

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