A wrong way might only mean a different way

Thanks for visiting ShamRocks Fitness.  This site  is designed to assist you in overcoming your fitness barriers and allowing you to progress towards your goal. Success does not originate from your physical actions but from the mental encouragements that you give yourself. Courage is needed to tell yourself to keep going when the times are challenging; to get up when adversity knocks you down; to start moving forward when obstacles freeze you in place. I chose ShamRocks Fitness to encompass what is needed to make change happen and to get you to your goal. This site contains articles  dedicated to optimizing your overall health. I encourage you to browse through the site and like and share with others my articles; comment on what you read at the bottom of each post; and follow me in staying mentally strong and reaching your fitness goals.

Recent Posts

Breathe Better Using Deep Breathing

As I exited the plane at 1,400 feet above the ground, the last thing I was thinking about was breathing. I’m pretty sure I held my breath for the first two minutes, which would have been my personal record. I’m sure if someone told me to take a couple deep breaths while still in the […]

5 Things To Improve Your Immunity While Social Distancing From the Coronavirus

The world is currently going through a crisis that isn’t found in any text book. People are changing the way they live as they prepare for the outbreak to pass through their neighborhood. People are asked to distance themselves from others, stay home, and wash their hands more often. Schools, beaches, restaurants, airlines have either […]

Overnight Oats

This morning pick-me-up recipe is packed with great taste and a ton of vitamins and minerals. This recipe also pack the calories too. At 567 calories, it can be a great post-workout snack or meal replacement. Some readers may be shocked by the calorie number, however, when you look at the ingredients, you’ll see that […]

Fitness In No Time Update

The last three weeks were a lot different than I had expected. The pain from my leg was worse than I had imagined and trying to do anything was a difficult feat. This is the first week where my leg was not in constant pain and that my sleep had been restful. I plan to […]

How to Stay Motivated After a Major Injury

The snow was blowing down the mountain faster than my board could keep up. I carved left and then back to the right, gliding over the packed snow as I made my way down the mountain with my two friends. The weather channel had stated that the winds would pick up to thirty-five miles per […]

Fitness In No Time Podcast (Coming Soon)

Do you know what the number one reason everyone gives every year for not exercising? You guessed it; not enough time. Yet we have enough time to bathe, drive to work, watch our favorite shows, eat, check social media, and take care of our kids. This is why I’m going to help you find that […]

Sweat It Out

I have heard many of my clients and other people tell me that they don’t sweat. They don’t even glisten. Some people I know would rather die than sweat. The thought of being damp with their own droplets of bodily fluid makes them gag. Why are we so against this natural occurrence? What are you […]

Leg Day: Don’t Leave Home Without It

When it comes to leg day, I would rather run an extra five miles. The thought of knowing that tomorrow will hurt when I sit down or walk down stairs doesn’t excite me one bit. Yet, that’s why we do it right? No, not the part where you feel like your lower extremities are mutilated. […]

Challenge Your Core

When asked to identify one’s core, most people will point to his or her abs. The core muscles are more than just the rectus abdominal which are the “six-pack” of the stomach. The core muscles can include the gluteus maximus and minimum, hip complex (iliacus, psoas, pectinus), abdominals (rectus, transverse, and obliques), erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, multifidus, latissimus […]

Battle the Ropes

Once in a while I need to get in a quick ten to twenty-minute workout between clients. With the limited time, I don’t want to waste it on moving from one machine or bench to another, nor do I want to fight over the free weights. Coming up with a workout that involves some added […]

Cut the Crap, Not the Carbs

Ever since Time magazine and many other media outlets published articles and ran segments about the actual misconception of fat consumption and the link to obesity, I have encountered more people in the last year following low-carb diets. Although, the science behind the logic is sound and there is research backing this new trend, what is reported […]

Train Mentally and Physically to Improve Brain Function

This post was intended to be published in February, however, other priorities trumped this one. Scrabble and anagram type word puzzles are two games that I enjoy immensely. I would say that I look forward to the comic section of newspapers not for the comics, but for the game Jumble. This is where you have […]

W.T.F. (What To Fear)

When I decided to apply for a spot on American Ninja Warrior (click if you don’t know), I had watched the participants swing through the air, tiptoe across unstable objects, and scale high obstacles and felt comfortable knowing that I could do all of those stunts. Little did I know, when I started training for the show a […]

Argentinean Cuisine

My wife and I headed down to Miami to visit some friends and I tried to find a good place to do some snorkeling. Unfortunately, the tides were rough and I never made it out to Jose Cuervo Reef down in South Beach. I did get to swim and catch some rays while watching the paddle […]

Pushing Through Your Workouts: Overloading vs. Overtraining

A couple weeks ago, I woke up with a bad headache, felt lousy, and my energy was very low. My wife wasn’t able to sleep all night so I was up a lot trying to help her fall back to sleep. I got through my day at work and the time came for my workout. I wasn’t looking forward to […]

Tone Up By Making Waves

Once in a while it’s nice to get off the fitness floor and jump into a new workout environment; literally. Even though the beach season is coming to a close, do this workout to give you another reason to be by the water and show off your results. Warm-up: 5 minutes of easy swimming any stroke. Workout: Perform […]

Black Bean and Quinoa Burger

 A tasty meal for anyone looking for a vegetarian option. I found this recipe from my “Allrecipes” app and made a little modification by using red lettuce instead of a bun and adding salsa for a different flavor. Servings per Recipe: 5-6 Serving Size: 1 Calories: 245 Fat: 10.6 g Carbs: 28.9 g     Protein: 9.3 g Ingredients: […]

I’ve Got DOMS and I’m Feeling Good

  I love waking up in the morning and feeling the rewards of my labor. In this case, I’m feeling soreness in my legs from a run I did in the pouring rain two days ago. I felt the soreness in my legs while walking down the stairs to retrieve my newspaper; I felt it […]


You may know people with this fear. If you’ve been to a gym where you can’t find the matching pair of dumbbells or you don’t know if someone’s still using the bench, that person probably is aracknophobic. Not to be confused with arachnophobia (spelled with a “k” and not an “h”),  which is the fear of spiders […]


You never know what you’ll find on NPR when you drive to work in the morning. Today’s segment in Morning Edition was perfect for relating to my own work as well as to my clients goals. (Hear the story by clicking here.) The title of the segment is “For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef.” […]

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